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Introducing B2B Growth Academy: A Content Marketing Program For B2B Marketing Teams

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What is B2B Growth Academy?

B2B Growth Academy is a program designed to help B2B marketing teams build a content marketing engine that works. In the program we’ll be talking about how to build your strategy, create share-worthy content, distribute it to the masses and get more traffic to your website.

B2B Growth Academy

What am I going to learn inside?

B2B Growth Academy is split up into five modules—each focused on a specific part of your content marketing engine.

We’ll be talking about why content is important, the steps required to build your very own content strategy, what it takes to create and distribute great content that your audience is dying to get their hands on, and the keys to building a content marketing team that works.

Here’s a full breakdown:

Module 1: The Fundamentals Of B2B Marketing

  • The overall role of content in B2B
  • ​The actual ROI you can expect from content marketing
  • ​How to think about Google, website traffic, conversions & more
  • ​Why most B2B content marketing engines fail

Module 2: How To Create Your Content Strategy

  • How to set content & marketing goals that matter
  • A walkthrough on how to define your target audience
  • ​Prioritizing the most important content & projects
  • ​How to organize your website from the ground up

Module 3: How To Create Great Content That Ranks & Converts

  • Proven tips for finding the best content ideas worth creating
  • ​How to structure a blog post to get the best results possible
  • Tips for researching your topic in-depth before you even start writing
  • ​A proven 5-step process for creating content that works

Module 4: How To Spread Your Content & Get More Traffic

  • What to do right after you hit publish to avoid the post-publish dilemma
  • How to show up in Google without using a phony magic formula
  • Our favourite strategies & frameworks for experimentation & testing
  • ​The role of retargeting ads within your content strategy

Module 5: How To Build A Content Team & Execute Your Plan

  • How to set KPIs to measure your most important results & metrics
  • ​The actual structure of a high-performing content marketing team
  • ​How to hire content creators, content marketers & the roles you’ll need to fill
  • The steps required to build your execution plan

Is B2B Growth Academy right for me?

It’s a great question, and it’s one I would hope you’re asking right now. How can you be sure the program is a fit for your current situation? Allow me to lay out a few scenarios.

B2B Growth Academy is perfect for you if…

✅ You’re managing the marketing team at a B2B company and want to learn the in’s and out’s of content marketing and how it can work for you.

✅ You’re a B2B startup founder and need to build a profitable and scalable engine for growth online. Whether your startup has 50 employees or your a solo founder, the strategies inside this program can help you get results.

✅ You’re working in marketing at a B2B manufacturing or enterprise-level brand and want to bring innovative content marketing ideas to your next team meeting.

✅ You’re in charge of marketing at a company of any size and want to empower your team to take on the challenge of building & managing a content marketing system that gets results.

B2B Growth Academy is NOT a fit if…

🛑 You’re on the hunt for overnight results just to impress your boss or investors. Yes, some of the tactics we cover can provide some overnight wins, but in order to get full value from the program, you need to be willing to invest time & effort into building a winning content marketing engine.

🛑 You or your team simply don’t have the time to commit to implementing and executing the strategies you’ll be learning inside this program. If right now isn’t the best time for you, I get it. The last thing I want is for you to enroll in B2B Growth Academy and forget all about it because you didn’t have the time needed to go through and start doing the work.

How do I get started?

Enrollment is open right now for just one payment of $797. With this, you’ll get unlimited lifetime access and access to all future updates.

Join the program today.

[Updated Mar 20, 2020]

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