Content Marketing & SEO Audit

The foundation for your content engine begins here.

You don’t have to guess what blog posts you should create. You don’t have to stress over what content marketing hires you should make. And you don’t have to worry about whether the content you’re developing is going to drive results. We use research and data to lay the bricks that will make up the foundation of your content engine.

Our content marketing and SEO audit is a gut-check for teams that want to improve their efforts and are hungry to make content marketing one of their brand’s key differentiators.

What’s our approach?

We leave no stone unturned, from on-site analytics and existing content assets (such as landing pages and blog posts) to the user experience being delivered on your website. We then take this data and combine it with our expertise to deliver an audit of your situation.

We deploy our content marketing audit services in three ways:


We work with you to identify blind spots, uncover opportunities and develop a plan for the next 12 months. This is the best solution for teams that want to create and manage content internally.


We collaborate on the development of a strategy, but it doesn’t end there. Our teams become one and we work continuously over the course of the year to help your content marketing engine thrive.


This is the best solution for organizations looking for a serious competitive advantage using content. If you want to establish true content excellence, build a world-class content team and create a sustainable channel for growth, then let’s get started.

NOTE: Option 3 is only recommended to teams who have product-market fit.

What do we get from a content audit?

You will uncover blind spots and identify gaps that have been overlooked. You will know which keywords are worth chasing and which pieces of content are doing more harm than good. You will better understand the impact of how you present content to visitors and search engines. You will be able to identify areas of improvement and actionable items.

To sum up: You will get clarity and direction.

But more than anything, you will get the foundation necessary to build a successful content marketing engine that generates leads, facilitates sales, establishes authority and earns media coverage.

What do we look at when conducting an audit?


From analytics to email lists, you have data. We use this data to understand your existing situation, including internal team skills and the quality of leads (MQL/SQL) being generated. Where is your traffic coming from? Which channels are converting? What pages are dead weight? And what pages can be improved?


What is your target audience looking for online? What content do you have today that is currently ranking for TOFU (top of the funnel) search queries? MOFU (middle of the funnel) queries? BOFU (bottom of the funnel) search queries? We use keyword research to identify relevant, highly searched phrases and terms. If we can identify low-competition keywords that have high potential, you gain a strategic advantage.


We know you can’t add likes or followers to your financial statement. But we also know that social media can be a great indicator of how well a company is doing at customer success, retention and creating content that audiences love. We’ll analyze your social media footprint as well as industry competitors’ to uncover gaps and blind spots.


Our research team will identify opportunities for growth before your competition does using industry data and reports. Whether it’s analyzing how much time your customers can be acquired through paid media or how well content your customers want are at generating organic traffic, we use this information to help you understand the digital maturity of your industry and competitors.


We’re never going to turn away more information. If you’ve done internal studies and reports or even developed a content strategy before engaging us, we want it. We’ll take the insights gathered by your team or third parties and combine them with the research efforts highlighted above to develop a quality audit and review.


SEO and UX are intertwined. We look at someone’s overall experience on your website because UX impacts how much time they spend on your site, how many pages they explore, whether they value your content enough to return. If your UX is a weak link, it’ll be challenging for your site to achieve high rankings in the SERPs. We’ll review your website and identify areas of opportunity.


Are your content marketing efforts falling short? Do you need a hand figuring out how to improve? Let us give you an honest assessment of the situation and whether it’s something we could help you with.
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